Power your Roller Blinds for Effortless Adjustment


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roller Blinds DC Motor

For the vast majority of the history of the blind, its operation has been manual. And when motorisation was first introduced, it required extensive electrical wiring and the attendant high cost of installation. But now there are battery-powered blinds motors which have made the luxury of automation affordable to everyone, without the need for an expensive electrician.

Half Price Blinds’ has ultra-modern Lithium rechargeable electric roller blinds motors with extraordinary capacities. They can effect up to 200 cycles (making the blind go up or down) and can be recharged fully in around three hours.

Roller Blinds DC Motor Components

But best of all, they’re remarkably easy to use and very discrete so nobody need ever see them. And you don’t need to buy new motorised blinds to obtain the ease and luxury of motorisation.

Providing your current tube is sufficiently large, the new Lithium-charged motors (see photograph) can be retro-fitted. Motorisation is the perfect option for anyone wanting effortless blinds operation and freedom from unsightly cords, which can also create a child-safety hazard.